Our mission is to combat the drowning epidemic in Cambodia by teaching water safety education, survival swimming, CPR and safe rescue skills to local children.

Come join our volunteer staff of licensed swim instructors/lifeguards with experience in teaching children water safety and swimming.

We receive no government funding and all of our work depends on the generous financial support of our donors.  Any donation big or small can potentially save a child's life.


Our SAFE workshops provide much needed skills to local children. These small and well staffed swim groups focus on the individual needs of the children as well as the dangers facing each different age group in water. They cover water safety education: determining if water is safe or not, how to react in an emergency situation, and getting help, Survival swimming: floating, treading, breathing under water, diving, and basic stoke. These water safety skills are crucial in helping them or their friends in an emergency situation. They are taught in a fun, friendly and child safe environment.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

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