We need your help transforming our non profit water safety workshop into a fully funded non profit program reaching and educating over 2,500 children a year. Till now we have been running our program at hotels by paying out of pocket for pool use or by being generously hosted by hotel owners and members of the Siem Reap community. We aim to have our own facility that would include a pool and volunteer residences. This will give our students consistency and allow us to comfortably teach a much higher volume of children.    

The SAFE Space Center will be our educational center and base for all community projects. Its' uses will be varied and will include Water Safety & Swimming workshops, CPR courses, proper rescue training, and all other Projects. The center will also house our Instructors and volunteers. Volunteers will be responsible for making their own way to Cambodia, but will be provided with living accommodations and a basic food stipend for their hard work and commitment. Please make our dreams a reality by donating today!