Junior Coaches ​ 

The young leadership program is geared to training our Swim and Water safety workshop alumni, who are interested and show the necessary skills and potential, to become swim instructors themselves. Junior coaches (ages 15-18) will train and shadow our volunteer swim instructors and commit to a year of teaching to give back to the program that they gained so much from. Expanding our local community staff and giving them the means to have a professional carrier In the aquatic or sports industry. 

Project RISE 

 A unique swim program designed and catered to give disabled children who have lost limbs or mobility the opportunity to be hugged and supported by the zero gravity like powers of water. Cambodia has a large population of amputee and disabled children who don't have opportunities like disabled kids and communities in the west. We plan on changing that by giving these kids, who struggle every single day with standard tasks, walking and playing ball, the ability to slip into the water and be light and care free for even just a short period of time. Water has many rejuvenating qualities and proven benefits both physically and mentally.

Splash 4 Splash Program 

Come learn to swim. Each at cost swimming lesson will directly pay for an underprivileged child to learn swimming and water safety as well!

Locals for change 

Training the local population to become Water Safety Instructors/Swim Instructors in order for them to be able to help themselves and spread water safety in their own communities, reducing the local dependency on international help. 


Classes aimed at teaching adults and youth ages 15 and up safe and proper resuscitation (CPR), compressions and Heimlich Maneuver skills that can be used to save lives.

SAFE Awareness Campaign  

A national water safety and drowning prevention campaign run across the radio airwaves, social media and print. Safety tips and ways to keep your child safe around water in khmer.